3 Best Summer Jewelry Options

3 Best Summer Jewelry Options

3 Best Summer Jewelry Options - What to wear, where to shop, why I love summer so much!
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Warm weather has so many opportunities to spend outdoors. As I got to thinking about my favorite things to do, I also came up with what I think are three best summer jewelry options. I’m sharing them with you today so that you can also be inspired to include accessories as part of your summer fun.

Garden Inspired Colors

Nothing is more soothing to me than digging in the garden. 

I have no problem coming out from a session of planting and weeding with dirt under my fingernails. 

I especially like the process of starting with a blank slate. I start planning my garden in April and plant the seeds after the last chance of frost. 

The best part of all is when I walk out and see that, as if overnight the flowers and vegetables have sprouted.

Seeing Mother Nature’s bright colored blooms and how it attracts butterflies and dragonflies reminds me of the brilliant colors of sea glass that I highlight in my jewelry. Specifically, my Dragonfly Collection.

Best Summer Jewelry Beach Shops

Another favorite summer activity for me is spending a hot, sweaty day at the beach.

There’s nothing like the warm sand between my toes and the soothing water to rinse away all my troubles.

After I’ve finished on the beach, I like to end the day with an ice cream and a stroll through the shops. Especially the fashion boutiques that carry my pieces.

My newest Petals of Hope Collection is now only available in local gift stores in Lewes and Rehoboth as well as in North Carolina. You may also contact me directly.


Dressy To Casual Summer Accessories

Especially during the past year when we’ve been cooped up and isolated, outdoor events and gatherings are starting up again.

In addition to seeing my family and friends, I’m especially looking forward to dusting off some of my nicer outfits and pairing them some of my best summer jewelry pieces again.

Whether I am attending a birthday party, barbecue or picnic, or maybe even a wedding, accessorizing my outfit feels like the cherry on top of a sundae.

I find myself pulling pieces  most often from my Seaglass Collection. There are so many wearable options including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Nevermind the dozen plus colors to choose from. I know with this collection I will always have the perfect combination at my fingertips.


Whether working in the garden, spending a day relaxing and shopping on the beach, or attending an event with loved ones, nature is generally a big part of summer for me.

Summertime is a big part of my creativity and my favorite designs happen during this season. Also, when I put on my best summer jewelry it makes me feel ready for whatever life has to throw at me.

I hope you are able to enjoy the warm weather wherever you are. There’s nothing like it.

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